A lot of people are conditioned to think they don't have what it takes to achieve life-changing success, many people think it's too late for them, other people think achieving that type of success is such a long, complicated and risky path that they don't even consider it.

Well, those people are wrong. You do have what it takes, and it's not too late. And the path to achieving great success, through Exertus, is a straight forward road, paved by decades of experience, providing you all the tools and support you need to get where you want to go.

Exertus Financial Partners is an Insurance Marketing Organization, or IMO, providing financial education, and financial strategies and products that help people across the nation protect their financial future, protect their loved ones, eliminate their debt, plan for a better retirement, and build generational wealth.

Exertus HQ is located in San Jose, California, but we operate in all 50 states. Offering anyone over 18 a unique career opportunity in the Financial Industry.Through an Intrapreneur model, you can become a partner, and start your own business, utilizing the Brand, Structure, Support, Training and Resources to build a local or national financial business, with unlimited growth possibilities, passive income potential and possible future equity ownership. With the independence of being your own boss, working on your own schedule and on your own pace, from home or anywhere else you want to be.

No experience is needed to join because at Exertus we have a complete training system ready for you to learn everything you need to know, online. You will help people and get paid top commissions for doing that. You will also be able to invite other people to join Exertus and become partners like you, and by building your team you will have the opportunity to generate passive income and scale your business.


Licensed or no licensed. Experienced or not. Full Time, Part Time or Side Hustle. Exertus is a great opportunity for everyone. Become of how flexible and profitable your Exertus business can be.
Even if you don't know anything about Life Insurance, at the moment you sign up not only you will receive mentorship, but you will also gain immediate access to hundreds of hours of training so you can learn about all the options available to you and help people make informed decisions about their financial plan. All the information about the products, how to sell them, how to prospect, follow up and close and how to build a team is available to you on demand and during weekly live online training.

Our Brands


At Exertus you have the opportunity to operate and grow your business online. Access a complete social media training program that will teach your how to attract clients and convert them online. Whether you prefer doing it organically at no cost or though ads, you will find endless successful strategies for you to utilize in the Exertus Academy.
You will also receive a free website where you can capture leads, setup automated marketing emails and provide instant quotes to your potential clients.
You will also get access to ready to post social media content, to make running your social media accounts even easier.
Every online marketing tool you will ever need, ready for you to use and grow your business.
24/7 marketing support, online training, networking & brainstorming social media groups, so you can learn, strategize, implement, and achieve all of your business goals.