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Mindset Training

Building people up is part of our mission. By joining Exertus you will experience key aspects of personal development packages into live online training sessions, in person events, and a community of leaders and mentors supporting your growth.


Professional Skills Training

Exertus focuses on key professional skills that create the biggest impact for all types of professionals to be able to thrive as an Exertus Partner. From social media marketing to public speaking, we build professionals that can achieve incredible results for themselves and their teams.


Turn Key Online Business

Access a recession proof business model by offering your audience the best financial products available in the market. Enjoy a robust compensation plan and build a business that can generate residual income and provide the time freedom you deserve.

The Future of Financial Freedom.

As we experience changes in the economy and an all time high dissatisfaction with the current employment system more and more people are finally taking upon themselves to find alternative options to generate income and financial education to protect themselves from financial difficulties as the fear of recession lingers.

At Exertus Financial Partners & Insurance Agency we combine both the opportunity to generate income through an independent business solution and the financial education people need to protect their financial future.


A Community Of Leaders & Mentors

Our community of like minded professionals focus on helping each other grow and achieve more. With partners across the country new partners will have all the help they need to learn the skills they need and run a successful business with Exertus.

Entrepreneurship with a Twist

We provide access to a powerful turn key business opportunity as a way to help people earn extra income, or even build a career. Work on your own schedule, from anywhere, and access all online training and business tools you need to succeed.

Let's figure out your best options together.

We are trained to find the best solutions and strategies for every individual or family's needs, goals and budgets. We will provide you with key financial education and help find programs and solutions that you can benefit from.

Exertus gave me the opportunity to build my own business while helping people from my community and I love what I do.

— Jennifer C.


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